BONS MAYENNAIS' secrets...


BONS MAYENNAIS’ traditions are passed on from generation to generation and while the production has been modernized, our traditional cheese recipes have always remained the same. If fresh milk is the essential basis of a good cheese, the path that a cheese has to follow before landing in your plate is long…

Step n°1 : Bons Mayennais’ milk collection

Milk is collected every 48 hours, maximum 50 kilometers around the cheese dairy. Being close guarantees the freshness and the quality of the milk necessary to make a good cheese.

Step n°2 : Curdling also known as coagulation

Once the milk is pasteurized, our “Cheese Master” adds the rennet (a natural enzyme) in order to start the coagulation. The liquid milk becomes solid to obtain the curd.

Step n°3: Moulding

The curd is placed in the moulds and the cheese finds its final shape.

Step n°4: Draining

The draining lasts about 24 hours. During this stage, the curd is naturally separated from the whey (almost 80% of the whey contained in the curd is extracted). When the desired consistency is obtained, the cheeses are removed from the moulds.

Step n°5: Salting

Salting is another important stage of the process: it allows the conservation, stimulates the development of the white rind and brings the desired flavor to the cheese.

Step n°6: Ripening

The cheeses are placed in the ripening shed (also called “hâloir”), where the temperature and the humidity are strictly controlled. Our cheese maker gives particular care to this stage because it allows the cheeses to develop their final creamy texture and milky flavour.

Step n°7: Hand turned cheeses

Over the years, Bons Mayennais’ cheeses have always been turned by hand.  It’s a real guarantee of quality specific to our cheese dairy. It facilitates the homogeneity of the rind and allows the identification of the products that do not correspond to the Bons Mayennais’ requirements.

Step n° 8: Packaging

Before being sent to our customers, cheeses are wrapped in a specific paper and individually packed in wooden boxes. It ensures the continuity of the ripening process till the tasting.

You can enjoy a Bons Mayennais cheese at each stage of its ripening process. If you like it dry with a fresh lactic flavor, serve it 30 days before the use by date. If you prefer it with a yellow creamy texture and an authentic flavor, taste it 15 days before the use by date…