In 1912, M. LE MASNE DE BRONS discovers the “Bois Belleray” Castle after breaking down not far away from this domain. Captivated, he decides to found a cheese dairy.

 The cheese dairy is ideally located on the river Mayenne’s banks, in the very heart of the milk production region and next to the main roads.

 In the thirties, both M. DE VAUBERNIER and Alphonse DREZEN take over the cheese dairy and develop the activity in the whole region.

 Their know-how is passed on from father to son and Jean Drezen takes charge of the family owned company.  Maintaining the traditional recipe which makes the Bons Mayennais’ reputation, he transforms the cheese dairy to adapt it to the consumers and distributors demand. Today, all our cheeses still receive an individual and manual treatment in order to guarantee the Bons Mayennais excellence.   

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