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Our Milk:

High quality milk is essential for making good cheeses! It’s the reason why we collect our milk every 48 hours with our own trucks. The milk producers are supported by our technicians who advise them on quality, hygiene and production. These teams also maintain the milk tanks and milking equipment in the farms. For years, Fromagerie VAUBERNIER and its 246 farmers have set up a strong partnership.

Credit photo : D. Vernier - CG53

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Our traditional recipes:  

For a 100 years, our Cheese Masters have perpetuated our traditional lactic recipes that give its particularity to the Bons Mayennais’ cheeses: a white rind, a creamy texture and a balanced lactic flavor making our soft cheeses equally popular with children and grown-ups.

Our know-how

Our human scale:

Flexibility, reactivity in the cheese making (small series) and in the decision-making. With Fromagerie Vaubernier, you have the guarantee that we will always listen to you. 

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Our cheese dairy:

Remaining faithful to our cultural foundations, we have progressively developed innovative technologies to modernize the cheese production in order to satisfy the requirements of modern consumption. This has always been done in the service of the recipe.

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Our quality:

Over the years, Fromagerie Vaubernier has obtained several certifications as IFS (International Food Standard) on the high level, Organic (Quali-France), attesting its respect for the environment, quality control and conscientious approach. Our laboratory takes samples all along the manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product. They are an integral part of our quality policy.

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Our independency:  

Fromagerie Vaubernier is one of the last independent cheese producers in France and our aim is to remain an alternative on the market.