Fromagerie Vaubernier is located in the very heart of the "Bocage Mayennais", in Martigné sur Mayenne, midway between Normandy and Brittany in the North-West of France. This region shows a large variety of landscapes alternating between a close succession of rolling green hills dotted with rich pastures, valleys bordered by hedges fields and  and remarkable villages of character.

 With almost 3.700 family owned dairy farms, The Mayenne County is also famous for its milk production (the national average is 850 dairy farms per County in France). This is probably due to the fact that the rain falls regularly all through the year that makes the Mayenne a green County!

 These natural assets are a real advantage to guarantee the quality of our milk and our cheeses BONS MAYENNAIS.

 Sources : France AgriMer and Agrest

Credit photo : D. Transon - D.Vernier, CG53

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